Akuma: Raging Demon




Street Fighter

Appears in

Super Street Fighter II Turbo(1994)


Heihachi and Nightmare


Lu Bu and Ryu

Akuma(Gouki in japan)is a Fighter in Street Fighter, Also known as the Most Badass Character in the Game. His Move are Strong, Powerful, and Fast. He can Kill a Man instantly


B = Gou Hadoken: Akuma shoot out a Fireball at his Enemy, Giving him 5 to 10 Damage

Side + B = Dragon Fist: Akuma Slam his enemy to the ground, Giving him 8 to 13 Damage

Up + B = Hurricane Kick: He spin kick to the sky, It can Help save you from falling but it can also give your enemy 4 to 7 for every kick

Down + B = Gou Shoryuken: Akuma uppercut your enemy, giving 9 to 12 Damage

Note: You will move forward abit

Final Smash = Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon: Akuma rushed to his enemy, Screen Black-out for a few, then the Enemy get knocked out in the air. It the Most Powerful move in Street Fighter

Note: You must be in a stage without a roof

Classic Mode Story

Akuma the king of the raging demon is going to Kill Ryu & get his new powers


Akuma is the First Sprite Character to be made

In Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, Akuma is Ryu Father

He so strong, He killed Gaston in the End of the Video


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Akuma03:25

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Akuma

Akuma Moveset


Akuma's Profile



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