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Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Amy Rose: The Pink Hedgehog




Sonic X

Appears in

Sonic X Episode 1


Pucca & Cosmo the Seedrian


Mephiles and Frollo

Amy Rose is a Girl from the Sonic X series, She do anything to get Sonic, Including Fighting off Bad Guys with a Giant Hammer.


B = Piko Piko Hammer: Amy Rose Swings her Hammer at her enemy, Giving them 8 to 14 Damage.

Note: The Closer you are, the more Damage it's worth.

Side + B = Coconut Throw: Amy Rose swings a coconut at her enemy after her hates for them (one of them hit her and ruined her fantasy), giving the enemy 5 to 9 Damage

Note: Wait 5 sec for another coconut. It can also heal teammates

Up + B = Hammer Leap: Amy Rose uses her Hammer to get her to higher place. The Hammer part can hurt a enemy by giving him/her 9 to 15 Damage

Down + B = Dress Power: Amy Rose gets out her fancy dress, It is used to Stun her enemy for a while

Final Smash = King Boom Boo: Amy Rose send out King Boom Boo (from Sonic X: Episode 19), This Ghost can be a good thing and a Bad Thing. The Good thing is that if the Enemy Hit him, They get controlled to commit suicide. The Bad thing is when Nobody hit him or if Amy Rose hit him, The Ghost will possessed Amy Rose and You will lose control of her for a few seconds.

Classic Mode Story

Along time ago, Present Sonic(Sonic X) was killed by Mephiles the Dark, Amy Rose stand near his grave and plan on revenge. She enter the tournerment to battle agenst Shadow, Not knowing Frollo is following her.


Amy Rose is in the Name I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE

She did appear in some of the episode of the Frollo Show in a bid called If Amy Rose was in the Frollo Show

She appeared in 3 Olympic Games with Nintendo

She the Only Female Hedgehog in Sega


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Amy Rose04:12

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Amy Rose

Amy Rose Moveset



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