Classic Mode is a mode in Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Brawl that serves as the successor to the 1P Game in Super Smash Bros. The two modes are virtually identical in order; however, certain changes have been made.

In the original, the player fought in a predetermined order: the player would always fight a specific character at a certain stage in a fixed order under static conditions). In Melee, randomization elements were introduced - the battles and the order in which they are take place are, for the most part, completely random (other than the basic layout, which is elaborated upon in the below section). Additionally in Melee, the Board the Platforms bonus game has been removed, instead replaced by Snag the Trophies.

If the player loses all their stock, they are brought to a screen with a "Yes" or "No" answer to the Announcer's question "Continue?" Some coins and points are lost if "Yes" is chosen, but a "GAME OVER" is shown if "No" is chosen or if players do not have a certain amount of coins to pay. At the end, 20,000 points will be lost for using at least one continue. In Brawl, beating Classic mode rewards players with 10,000 on Easy, 20,000 points on Normal, 30,000 points on Hard, 40,000 points for Very Hard, and 50,000 points on Intense, and another 15,000 points a single stock wasn't lost.