Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie: Pinkamania




My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Appears in

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Episode 1


Chowder & Rainbow Dash


Pucca and Gaston


Pinkie transforms into her anthro form and goes topless with huge breasts


B = Pinkielicia- Pinkie dressed up as Felicia without cover up her bust. During this move, she's faster and stronger. She can shoot milk, which turns her nipples into mouth nipples that lasts forever.

Side + B = Cupcake Cannon  - Pinkie fires a cupcake from her nipples. Holding the button will fire a larger cupcake.

Up + B = Rocket Milk  - Pinkie rockets upwards by shooting milk.

Down + B = Breast Bite  - Pinkie bites her opponent's breast, the opponent can't move while Pinkie bites her breast, it lasts forever, but can be interrupted by pressing it again. It increases the opponent's milking for longer milk.

Note: You must be close enough to bite the enemy.

Final Smash = Pinkamena  - Pinkie transforms into Pinkamena, then does a nipple vore to her opponent, which turns her opponent into milk.


  1. Pinkie opens her left nipple, revealing a head of Twilight saying "Help me!" before turned into milk.
    1. Pinkamena opens her left nipple, revealing sharp teeth and a tounge.
  2. Pinkie opens her right nipple, revealing the head and large breasts of Fluttershy saying "I want to be a milk!" before turned into milk.
    1. Pinkamena opens her right nipple, revealing a gross penis.
  3. Pinkie jiggles her breasts to transform her nipples into mouth nipples, she then smiles as her mouth nipples also smiles.
    1. Pinkamena opens both of her nipples, revealing 50 tentacles each nipple.


Pinkiepie Colors

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